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MuOnline Skill Enhancement

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Mu Online On Season 13 has new skill enhancement options. To acces it pres button C and after Skill Enhancement button.


When the 4th Course Upgrade is finished, the character can obtain powerful skills from the Skill Enhance Tree.

General Skill Enhancement

When the 4th Course Upgrade is finished, each degree up permits one stage. Click on the slot at the Skill Enhance Tree to Improve the skill with all the points. Various enhancement choices can be put on the improved main skills to offer extra effects based on the skilltree configurations. Improved skill choices apply to the applicable key skills only. Other abilities won't gain in the choices. Each Major skill has the listing of ability enhancement alternatives open to it:

Skill_Damage_Increase.jpg.ff0f77caa55b1adec0c3449f6fdc5454.jpg Skill Damage Increase

Option will increase damage of Main Skill.

Damage_Count_Increase.jpg.ff316907b867f32984ade8330b45d5c9.jpg Damage Count(Number) Increase (+1/+2/+3)

Option will increase Damage Count.

Increase_Additional_Damage_Rate.jpg.caff625a14cb99b4d5294a782d358bac.jpg      Increase Additional Damage Rate When using the main skill, the option will give a chance of additional damage.
Increase_Attack_Speed.jpg.264658a9a401d8db34fbdd6d6f0eadda.jpg Increase Attack Speed Option will increase attack speed of main skill.
Increase_Attack_Range.jpg.2eb4d55a0dc5390cd7d9cc3abe27f29a.jpg Increase Attack Range Option will increase attack range of broad attack skills.
Increase_Splash_Damage.jpg.329562fa5e1a0f96aa31b0b301d1500a.jpg Additional Splash Damage Adds splash damage to the Main Skill, the range will be fixed as 1 Tile.
Increase_Skill_Range.jpg.b45834bcb697ccb6699563bf6f28a3bc.jpg Increase Skill Range Option will increase skill range of Main Skill.
Increase_Target.jpg.9b2a4ad7a2a010fa218f20518bdfe75c.jpg Increase Target Option will increase the maximum number of target in broad attack.
Cooldown_Time_Reduction.jpg.558b65e4932aafa3b3d588b4b7cae737.jpg Cool down Time Reduction Option will reduce cool down time.
Remove_Cooldown_Time.jpg.25b801fc5ffe6fe7ac3baf190c331db4.jpg Remove Cool down Time Option will remove cool down time of the skill.
Weapon_Damage_Increase.jpg.5709bcce9b4cd811d1d7e2e6ea26839d.jpg Weapon Damage Increase (%) Increases weapon damage.
Weapon_MP_Increase.jpg.140725d9cea193f4e300a8369fb62ba6.jpg Weapon MP Increase (%) Increases magic weapon damage.

Based upon the number of ability points distributed for skill enchantments, passive abilities will start to unlock the ideal part of the panel. For many skills and all classes they stay same - Maximum Health, Fourth Analytics, Boost Basic Armor.

Update skills with debuff, Debuff Explosion

Debuff options could be enhanced for the enhanced main skills based on the tree configurations. Enhanced debuff options apply to the applicable key skills only. Each most important ability has the set of debuff enhancement options available to it, in the bottom of the panel (without the shrub), the passive ones at the right region of the panel (in the used points), too debuff can strengthened in the Debuff Explosion tab. In this particular tab, debuffs could be upgraded for all of the skills and trees, so, in order to not waste your points, you will have to make a choice first, what trees and skills you are going to use. The debuff enhancement options works in PvM only.

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