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How to create level 4 wings in mu online season 13

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Four wings

1) wing wear
- Can be worn after 800th level, 4th job transfer.

2) Combination of wings

- The third wing + 13 wing is used as a combination material.
- Combination method is the combination of feather combination and wing like existing 3rd wing.


- Garuda's flame can be learned with a low probability between 2-5 deep dungeons.
- The Golden Sentence can be learned when hunting the Swamp Boss Monster of Darkness.
- If you use a lucky charm, the maximum chance is increased by 10%.
It is the same as the existing third wing.


3) Wing function

Increase damage / reduce damage


Increase damage / reduce damage

Attack power / horsepower / low power
- Option value increases depending on the blade level.
- The character's minimum to maximum attack power / horsepower / low focus will increase.

▶ Increased damage: Black Knight, Fairy, Dark Road, Rage Fighter, Glow Lancer
▶ Increased Power: Warlock
▶ Attack / power increase:
▶ Magic Power / Low Focus: Summoner

Additional random option


- If the wing combination is successful, 1 to 4 of 11 options will be added.
- The values of the options are also determined randomly.
The option values are divided into 4 steps, and the same value can be changed by the same option.

Additional property options
- You can add attributes to your wings via Elvenand's NPC 'Adnell'.
- Additional properties


▶ 4th Wing + 1 Rank Ertel + 9 Golden Sentences + 3 Advanced Marvels
Increases the chance of success with additional attributes depending on the value of the.
Depending on your success, you will have additional options depending on your success.
- Probability will cause 'Add Attribute' to succeed / fail.
- If the attribute is successfully added, 'Add Attribute Defense' is created by default.
One attribute option can be added by probability.
You can add up to two additional property options, including default properties.


Wing property level up
- Wing property level-up material


▶ Attributed 4th Wing + Elemental Rune
- Added attributes can be upgraded by using 'Elemental Runes' as in the previous Ertelle Enhancement.
- If the level-up fails, the wing attribute level is lowered by one level.

> Existing 7 steps → Success → 8 steps
> Existing 7 steps → Failure → Step 6

4) Four wings by occupation


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