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Elemental system - Disassemble System

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Elemental system

- Character gets element power according to the element of the equipped pentagram.

- There are five types of errtels: Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity, Radiance.

- Kicking some monsters ass (PVM) or you fight against other players (PVP) could be much more
easy with pentagram equipped (with errtels leveled up and ranked up and so on).



- To equip pentagram only from your inventory.

- These pentagrams have different elements and options as it follows: fire, earth, water, wind, darkness.

- Every one of these elements are stronger either weaker against another, this means there is NO best element pentagram.

- Every pentagram can be upgraded to max +15 (as any other set item or weapon,
but as I have experienced there is no Talisman for increasing the chances in this server,
therefore the chances are pretty low, and the odds to make one good pentagram-with mountable slot 5- is kinda hard work).



- The errtels can be mounted in the pentagram (access the pentagram by pressing the ALT+Left click on the pentagram).

- As the pentagram the errtels are five kind (fire, earth, water, wind, darkness).


- There are five types of errtels: Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity, Radiance.


- Errtels can be upgraded: level up and after that rank up (kinda hard work, even the level up - you'll see why...).

- Of course it's rank option is stronger with each level.

- When an errtel reaches level 7 you can rank it up.

- IF the rank up successful, it will be given a random option from the next rank


Elemental refinement window

- all the magic happens at the NPC Adnial (Acheron 38.126)

- required materials for combination does not have to be stacked

- you can see the expected result of what you are trying to do in the Assembly Prediction

*please note that once you have clicked the Combine button the process will start without asking for your permission again

*the combination result will be placed in your inventory (or in case of failure they may disappear - which they did all the time for me when the combination failed, but maybe thats my bad luck only)

- by opening this window you can perform all kinds of elemental refinement stuff




a. Errtel creation - here you can create errtel by combining mithril (mithril you can acquire by hunting
in acheron-you collect 5 mithril fragments and it changes automatically to mithril, according
to the element fire,water, wind, earth or darkness) and jwl of bless


b. Errtel level up - for level up you will need Errtel and Elemental Rune (this you can buy from
Potion Girl NPC in front of the bar, but buckle up because it cost ALOT of zen and you will need a lot from it)




c. Errtel rank up - when you have managed to level up your errtel to level 7, you can rank it up
(as I have said it before IF the rank up successful, it will be given a random option from the next rank) for rank up you will need the errtel lvl7 or higher, 10 bundle of jwl of bless, Spirit Powder and an ancient item minimum +7 with add minimum +4


d. Slot of Radiance Assembly

e. Add Wing lvl 4 Errtel Attribute (guide in progress)
f. Wing property level up (guide in progress)
g. Errtel Element Change (guide in progress)

Disassemble System

- This is a new system added to your inventory, you can disassemble set items and Errtels

- Disassembling set (ancient) items will get you 1 elemental powder


- after you have collected (disassembled 50 errtels/set item) this will transform into an Elemental Capsule
out of this Elemental Capsule you can get Errtel of Radience, Expansion scroll and many more.


Expansion scoll of Radiance Slot


- You will need this item to unlock the 5th pentagram slot

- Errtel of Radiance cannot be mounted without being unlocked

- Errtel of Radiance can be obtained from Capsule

- Activation: place the pentagram in the inventory open the pentagram with ALT+Left Click and use the Expansion Scroll on yout pentagram


Errtel option




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Sorry guys I can't imagine what happened to the pictures I've attached.
Unfortunately I cannot edit the post to correct the error. Last night when I posted it everything was OK...

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