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Jewel Bingo

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  • This is a game-in-game that you can play without any effect of your leveling/farming this means you can enjoy mini-game, without interrupting your hunting using the MU Helper.

  • image.png.945edb070174921d6d5aaf387ce4e337.png
    But before you could play you have to have a Card Deck (you get a card deck when you collect 24 card pieces), you can collect Card Pieces by adding ¨Card¨ to your MU Helper's Additional items or you can check the Event item

  • image.png.46427a3405bf95aed56753056556884c.png
    You can play the this mini-game by rolling down the Events and select the Jewel Bingo.

  • Once you have all the 24 Card Pieces, a Card Deck will appear automatically and you will be able to play.

  • If you are familiar with Bingo, the Jewel Bingo will be a piece of cake, but if you are not it you will learn it fast enough to be a pro.

  • First thing you have to do is to distribute the jewels, manually (by selecting them on the right and placing them on the board) or in a random order by clicking the button below after you have placed automatically or manually the jewels a window will pop up



  • Now you have to choose your box as it follows

  • Then match the jewels


  • You will have to select one from the jewels that the box requires.

  • But be careful because you have to match them, bingo can be made when the jewel are matched in a Diagonal,, Horizontal or vertical line

  • Higher score can be acquired if you match the line through the middle witch as you will see says ¨MU¨ on it and cannot be selected.

  • The game will end when you have selected all the jewels and the number is ¨0¨ beside the last jewel .


  • Your score is depending on whether how many Bingo you managed to achieve.

  • The Rewards (you have been waiting/playing for)

  • You will be given boxes depending on the score you have achieved.

  • If you push the buttonGet Rewards’ (where also you can see your score) after end of the game, Rewards will go to Gremory Case(K).



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Hello! I am a novice on the server, today I was able to create a deck to play in the bingo of jewels ... I made my score and when I clicked on get reward, went to my event inventory a box written "[jewel Bingo] premiun box" and it is in it right click to use, I click it appears a confirmation if I want to use the item, I click ok and nothing happens ... I won no reward ... help please! appreciate ....

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