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  1. Prime Tera

    Jewel of excellent

    Negative bound wings cannot be FO.
  2. Prime Tera

    Jewel of excellent

    There is a ring thats FO and its worth 10k in xshop if you really need them
  3. Prime Tera

    Jewel of excellent

    it can FO the Level 2wing Level 2.5wing , Level 3wing but not the 4th wing Rings and pendants cannot be FO....
  4. Prime Tera

    Lucky Item's

    well this question was answered already i found a way to basically view the lucky items at ranking search engine on the main website ^^ thanks that took for me a long time to figure out . -Thanks Admins ^^
  5. Prime Tera

    Lucky Item's

    I've Tried to view my items options on ranking's in website but it seems im just wearing leather gloves. 😐 -Can i request for a print screen on my equipped items sir? i just wanna know what are the added items after putting jewel of excellent the lucky set i made thank you. -Oh yeah already tried to go ingame and look for the Command C and just prompted me to a plain status tab. Thank you in advance
  6. Prime Tera

    Lucky Item's

    So heres the thing i just made a 2nd lucky set today after making it all +15 i started putting jewel of excellent to them and im now wondering if how we can we view the items if they are FO i already tried looking my character up on ranking and it says undefined. -Is there a way to see whats the option on the lucky set after putting jewel of excellent? -Please look in to this Thank you.
  7. Prime Tera

    Vote reward

    The new vote for goblin points has a bug the middle voting cannot process any rewards. -Can you check this problem please Thank you.
  8. Prime Tera

    God Of Darkness drop

    Is there some specific time that some of these bosses spawn? -And if there is can any body give the time frames "server time" Thank you