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  1. admin

    Updates 13.September

    Fixed maximum maximum level display of 400 in C window Fixed set / socket options for Rage Fighter class Buffed GL Defense Buffed Rage Figter attack Client has new update run launcher to get it or download manually DOWNLOAD PATCH HERE
  2. admin

    Vote reward

    do correct vote and you will get reward.
  3. admin

    Lucky Item's

  4. admin

    Disconnect character command

    Login back, same server first attempt it will show that user is connected, on second you will get online.
  5. admin

    Disconnect character command

    We have command to disconnect your character or friend character if you know his password. This might be useful in situation. Your going to work but still want to get some level while you are on the way, you leave character leveling when ariving at new pc, you login from second account and dc your character so you can play on new pc! ADMINISTRATION SUGGESTS, newer share your password with other persons! To Change password click here! How it works: /dcfriend [Charcter] [Account password] /dcfriend noobDK 12345
  6. admin

    Red Dragon Inavsion

    Red dragon invasion is every hour and it can drop one of 8 custom jewels! It spawns Lorencia, Devias and Noria Jewel of Dark Bless: Makes item +6 Jewel of Dark Soul: Makes item level +9 Jewel of Dark Life: Makes item optopm +16 Jewel of Excess: Adds one exc option Jewel of Luck: Adds luck to item Jewel of Science: Adds skill to item Jewel of Kundun: Makes item level +15 Jewel of Kondar: Makes item full excellent Jewel of Wisdom: Adds socket slot to socket item Jewel of Kondar has 3% chance to drop Event times, server time, You can see server time on website top https://mu-online.org/ Hour="1" Minute="28" Hour="2" Minute="28" Hour="3" Minute="28" Hour="4" Minute="28" Hour="5" Minute="28" Hour="6" Minute="28" Hour="7" Minute="28" Hour="8" Minute="28" Hour="9" Minute="28" Hour="10" Minute="28" Hour="11" Minute="28" Hour="12" Minute="28" Hour="13" Minute="28" Hour="14" Minute="28" Hour="15" Minute="28" Hour="16" Minute="28" Hour="17" Minute="28" Hour="18" Minute="28" Hour="19" Minute="28" Hour="20" Minute="28" Hour="21" Minute="28" Hour="22" Minute="28" Hour="23" Minute="28" Hour="00" Minute="28"
  7. admin

    Vote reward

    Vote reward have been opened, it gives 20 Goblin Points per one vote https://mu-online.org/vote-reward You can vote every 12 Hours! Goblin point can be used in game X-Shop
  8. admin

    God Of Darkness drop

    God of darkness Can drop 50% Awakening Soul items 2x 5% Runedil's Goldentune Harp Lemuria's Orb -Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra 35% Golden Sentence 3x
  9. Hello Mu-online.org players, we are happy to announce that new server with Experience rate x200 will be opened 6. JULY! Server is build on medium low experience rate X200, master and 4th class experience: x200 Resets: From 400lvl *1kk zen, stats after reset burns, free stats: 500 each reset, which means max stats (32700) can be reached after 256resets (320 for Dark lord) Each reset you get 20 Credits, and there no reset limit! Reset is available only in website: Reset Character Server opening times: 17.00 UTC +2 (Poland) 22.00 UTC +8 (Philippines) 11.00 UTC -3 (Argentina) 18.00 SERVER TIME Exp: 200x, master exp: 200x Max character level: 920 Spots are in all maps, 3-5 mobs per spot! Most bosses are respaning every 1hour, and there is some event every 1 hour! Jewels of Soul +luck= 100% Jewel of Soul without luck= 75% Life =70% (+16 option Max) WebMarket: Sell your items to other players without being scammed! Offtrade: If you want to sell your items for Wcoins in game (enabled in devias only) If you have account on X5000 server, you can play with the same account, and you dont need to register new one! Player VS Enviroment damage and character settings! All monsters starting from Icarus and tarkan 2 have increased HP and damage! Which means you will need few resets for icarus and a lot resets for deep dungeon and swamp of darkness (DD and SD maps mobs has 2'000'000 + HP and does 10k+ damage) (depends on your gear) Some classes are best for PVE some for PVP, some is just support classes! Do not compare classes, each class has different builds, damage/defense formulas!
  10. Watch video Guides how to sell items in game for WCoins while being offline Mu online offtrade guide 1. Go to devias map 2. Open personal store 3. add items and price in wcoins you want to sell 4-5. Press open and as soon as possible type /offtrade Do it as soon as possible, because while you have not typed /offtrade you are selling those items for ZEN! Watch for scammers who would abuse that! After receiving message: ''You are disconnected from server.'' You are selling for WCOINS!
  11. admin

    MuOnline Skill Enhancement

    Mu Online On Season 13 has new skill enhancement options. To acces it pres button C and after Skill Enhancement button. When the 4th Course Upgrade is finished, the character can obtain powerful skills from the Skill Enhance Tree. General Skill Enhancement When the 4th Course Upgrade is finished, each degree up permits one stage. Click on the slot at the Skill Enhance Tree to Improve the skill with all the points. Various enhancement choices can be put on the improved main skills to offer extra effects based on the skilltree configurations. Improved skill choices apply to the applicable key skills only. Other abilities won't gain in the choices. Each Major skill has the listing of ability enhancement alternatives open to it: Skill Damage Increase Option will increase damage of Main Skill. Damage Count(Number) Increase (+1/+2/+3) Option will increase Damage Count. Increase Additional Damage Rate When using the main skill, the option will give a chance of additional damage. Increase Attack Speed Option will increase attack speed of main skill. Increase Attack Range Option will increase attack range of broad attack skills. Additional Splash Damage Adds splash damage to the Main Skill, the range will be fixed as 1 Tile. Increase Skill Range Option will increase skill range of Main Skill. Increase Target Option will increase the maximum number of target in broad attack. Cool down Time Reduction Option will reduce cool down time. Remove Cool down Time Option will remove cool down time of the skill. Weapon Damage Increase (%) Increases weapon damage. Weapon MP Increase (%) Increases magic weapon damage. Based upon the number of ability points distributed for skill enchantments, passive abilities will start to unlock the ideal part of the panel. For many skills and all classes they stay same - Maximum Health, Fourth Analytics, Boost Basic Armor. Update skills with debuff, Debuff Explosion Debuff options could be enhanced for the enhanced main skills based on the tree configurations. Enhanced debuff options apply to the applicable key skills only. Each most important ability has the set of debuff enhancement options available to it, in the bottom of the panel (without the shrub), the passive ones at the right region of the panel (in the used points), too debuff can strengthened in the Debuff Explosion tab. In this particular tab, debuffs could be upgraded for all of the skills and trees, so, in order to not waste your points, you will have to make a choice first, what trees and skills you are going to use. The debuff enhancement options works in PvM only.
  12. admin

    Updates 15. May

    Hello new updates have been applied. PVP updates: Grow Lancer: Reduced damage from Shining Peak skill Dark Lord: Reduced Damage from Wind soul damage 10% Off Increased damage for Fireburst Enchant skill Added spots in all Deep Dungeon maps and extra spots in Swamp of darkness as well as changes on other maps. Press tab to see spots on minimap! Added MuRummy special game support (special game requires card piece and 3 special cards to become active) Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension event, get exp mission does not work Fixed Elf Heal does not work properly Fixed golden monsters may disappear in certain scenario, e.g. while using summon books Improved exp formula(s), original style from S12 Fixed EvoMon summoning scrolls becoming invisible while moving them across event inventory Fixed selection of some of 4th tree skills not working Changed 4th Quest reward from Gray to Black Oblivion Scroll Mount Muuns issue Mu Online Season 13
  13. admin

    4th level quest mu online

    [Quest Background] [4th Class Upgrade Background] MU’s heroes who inherited the will of the priest of Light, Devin, have successfully defended Crywolf from Balgas and have been reborn as heroes with the sacred god Lugard’s blessing. However, their strength was not enough to defeat the new monsters and restore order in MU. The priest, Devin, felt the need to unite the blessed heroes as one so he sought the strength and the ability from... one of the 12 priests of Light and Lugard's guardian knight, 'Sent', and asked her to test the ability of Mu's heroes again and pass down her power to those qualified. 'Sent', one of the 12 priests of Light, accepted Devin's desperate request and arrived in 'Lorencia' to meet the knights. [NPC Sent] A female knight with graceful figure. One of the 12 priests of Light and the guardian knight serving the sacred god Lugard. She is adventurous and carries out the duties of Lugard's guardian knight in many places but she now seeks the heroes with Lugard's blessing to test their ability and pass down her power and skill to those selected as requested by the 'Priest Devin'. She arms herself with a great sword and a holy armor, both shining bright, and her body is protected by the Wind Zone under the Lugard's grace. ◈ 4th Upgraded Class Name Setting 1. 4th Class Upgrade Quest In-Progress / Completed 1) Quest Acquisition and Completion Guide (1) Quest Acquisition - Go to the Area of Eligibility ① Talk to Lorencia Town NPC Sent (138.133) to enter the Area of Eligibility (2) Area of Eligibility - Quest Preparation, before proceeding to the Test Area ① The Area of Eligibility is where players make preparation before carrying out the quest. ② In the Area of Eligibility, players are able to form a party. ③ If one of the party member talks to Sent and chooses to enter the Test Area, all party members will progress to the Test Area. ④ Only characters with level 750 or higher may enter the Test Area. ⑤ Characters below level 800 are still able to enter the Test Area and assist the others completing the quest. (3) Test Area - Quest Completion ① The 4th Class Upgrade Quest can be done in the Test Area. ② The quest will be carried out in multiple stages based on the character who acquired the quest from Sent. ③ The quest is made up of 3 stages and completing the last stage will complete the 4th Class Upgrade Quest. ④ If the progress is interrupted by quitting play and returning to the town, the completed stages will be saved and the players can enter the Test Area again and resume the quest. ⑤ The 4th Class Upgrade Quest is made up of three stages: Stage 1 -> Stage 2 -> Stage 3. For example, a player who has not completed the stage 1 will not get the completion credit for the stage 2 even after clearing it together with another member who acquired the stage 2 of the quest. A) Quest Progression Example [Party Member Formation] a) If it is the first time doing the quest for 'Member 1', the stage 1 of the quest should be carried out and when it is completed, 'Member 1' and 'Member 2' will gain the status of the stage 1 completion. Other members will not be recognized for the completion of the quest. b) If 'Member 3' acquires the quest while holding the status of the stage 1 completion, the stage 2 of the quest should be played out and when it is completed, 'Member 3' and 'Member 4' will gain the status of the stage 2 completion. Other members will not be recognized for the completion of the quest. c) If 'Member 5' acquires the quest while holding the status of the stage 2 completion, the stage 3 of the quest should be played out and when it is completed, 'Member 5' will gain the status of the stage 3 completion. Other members will not be recognized for the completion of the quest. 2. 4th Class Upgrade Quest - Stage Description 1) 4th Class Upgrade Stage 1: Eligibility Test ① This quest is designed to test if players on their first attempt for the 4th Class Upgrade Quest meets the conditions for the upgrade. ② Lugard's guardian knight, Sent, will personally manage the test and the players have to subdue this guardian. ③ Once Sent's HP reaches 0, the players can talk to the NPC Sent to complete the Eligibility Test. 2) 4th Class Upgrade Stage 2: New Battle (1) ① This is the quest where Sent tests the players' hunting and survival skills against multiple monsters. ② The players will have to defeat 5 Deep Dungeon Skeleton Warriors, 5 Deep Dungeon Cyclops and 5 Deep Dungeon Ghost Monsters while surviving the battle for 1 minute. ③ When the time is over, the monsters are removed and Sent will appear. Talking to her will complete the quest. ④ If the players have failed to hunt 5 of each monster in 1 minute, they can simply redo the session. In this case, the kill count from the previous session is stored so the players only need to defeat the monsters to fulfill the missing counts. 3) 4th Class Upgrade Stage 3 : New Battle (2) ① As the final stage of the quest line, the players have to face Sent one more time and unlike in the Test of Eligibility, Sent will use additional skills and increase the frequency of using skills. ② The players must subdue Sent by reducing her HP to 0. ③ Once Sent's HP reaches 0, the players can talk to the NPC Sent to complete the 'New Battle (2)' quest. 3. 4th Class Character
  14. Four wings 1) wing wear - Can be worn after 800th level, 4th job transfer. 2) Combination of wings - The third wing + 13 wing is used as a combination material. - Combination method is the combination of feather combination and wing like existing 3rd wing. - Garuda's flame can be learned with a low probability between 2-5 deep dungeons. - The Golden Sentence can be learned when hunting the Swamp Boss Monster of Darkness. - If you use a lucky charm, the maximum chance is increased by 10%. It is the same as the existing third wing. 3) Wing function ① Increase damage / reduce damage ① Increase damage / reduce damage ② Attack power / horsepower / low power - Option value increases depending on the blade level. - The character's minimum to maximum attack power / horsepower / low focus will increase. ▶ Increased damage: Black Knight, Fairy, Dark Road, Rage Fighter, Glow Lancer ▶ Increased Power: Warlock ▶ Attack / power increase: ▶ Magic Power / Low Focus: Summoner ③ Additional random option - If the wing combination is successful, 1 to 4 of 11 options will be added. - The values of the options are also determined randomly. The option values are divided into 4 steps, and the same value can be changed by the same option. ④ Additional property options - You can add attributes to your wings via Elvenand's NPC 'Adnell'. - Additional properties ▶ 4th Wing + 1 Rank Ertel + 9 Golden Sentences + 3 Advanced Marvels Increases the chance of success with additional attributes depending on the value of the. Depending on your success, you will have additional options depending on your success. - Probability will cause 'Add Attribute' to succeed / fail. - If the attribute is successfully added, 'Add Attribute Defense' is created by default. One attribute option can be added by probability. You can add up to two additional property options, including default properties. ⑤ Wing property level up - Wing property level-up material ▶ Attributed 4th Wing + Elemental Rune - Added attributes can be upgraded by using 'Elemental Runes' as in the previous Ertelle Enhancement. - If the level-up fails, the wing attribute level is lowered by one level. > Existing 7 steps → Success → 8 steps > Existing 7 steps → Failure → Step 6 4) Four wings by occupation https://mu-online.org/
  15. Creation of basic wings level 1 Create weapon chaos To create the weapon of chaos (weapon chaos) they need common items minimum + 7 + 4 option Enter the chaos machine or "Chaos machine" and select the next option You must enter at least 1 item + 7 + 4 followed by a Jewel of chaos and click on Combination They can get 3 different kinds of Chaos weapons 2.Creation of the stones "Lesser Spirit stone" Lesser spirit stone is used to increase the success rate in the combination [*=left]They must have at hand items + 7 + 4 minimum [*=left]You can use more than one at the same time, this helps increase the number of stones obtained and is a bit more comfortable [*=left]Enter the chaos machine or "Chaos machine" and select the next option 3. Creation of the basic wings, last step They can get 3 different kinds of Chaos weapons No matter which one you touch, you must be sure that it meets the requirements to continue with the creation The weapon must be at least +4 and +4 option to work They need this weapon + 4 + 4 minimum You will need a Jewel of Chaos Lesser spirit stone will need to increase the index