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    Hello new updates have been applied. PVP updates: Grow Lancer: Reduced damage from Shining Peak skill Dark Lord: Reduced Damage from Wind soul damage 10% Off Increased damage for Fireburst Enchant skill Added spots in all Deep Dungeon maps and extra spots in Swamp of darkness as well as changes on other maps. Press tab to see spots on minimap! Added MuRummy special game support (special game requires card piece and 3 special cards to become active) Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension event, get exp mission does not work Fixed Elf Heal does not work properly Fixed golden monsters may disappear in certain scenario, e.g. while using summon books Improved exp formula(s), original style from S12 Fixed EvoMon summoning scrolls becoming invisible while moving them across event inventory Fixed selection of some of 4th tree skills not working Changed 4th Quest reward from Gray to Black Oblivion Scroll Mount Muuns issue Mu Online Season 13
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    Watch video Guides how to sell items in game for WCoins while being offline Mu online offtrade guide 1. Go to devias map 2. Open personal store 3. add items and price in wcoins you want to sell 4-5. Press open and as soon as possible type /offtrade Do it as soon as possible, because while you have not typed /offtrade you are selling those items for ZEN! Watch for scammers who would abuse that! After receiving message: ''You are disconnected from server.'' You are selling for WCOINS!